Comics w/ DoJo Kicks!!!

Strange Attractors #1


Writer: Charles Soule

Author: Greg Scott, Soo Lee

 Dr. Brownfield believes that a series of cataclysmic events are  coming to New York City, and someone has to keep the city safe after  he's gone. Enter Heller Wilson, a brilliant mathematics student, who  discovers that his ailing, perhaps insane, mentor has been saving New  York City from societal collapse by a series of 'adjustments,' a la the  Butterfly Effect. But now, all signs point toward an impending disaster.  Can Wilson take what little he's learned and save the city in time? 

Giving this one 3 out of 5 DoJo kicks! It's another refreshing book, similar to Royal City however it didn't reach that level. At times it was slow and repetitive however at times (beginning and end) I was moved. It's worth the read if you like Royal City however not sure if #2 is worth it if you aren't a mathematician. 

Shadowman V5 #1 (2018)


 Sketchy dude leading you into a swamp... a swamp monster, relationship problems! This #1 has it all :) A tasty breakfast and a twist at the end. We give this one 3.5/5 DoJo kicks! Great work by Andy Diggle, Stephen Segovia and Ulises Arreola

DON'T FEAR YOUR DEMONS. FIGHT THEM. Orphaned at birth and raised on the  margins of society, Jack Boniface never knew his place in the world.  Until he discovered it waiting for him… in a darkness far older than the  reign of men… Unbeknownst to him, Jack was fated to become the next in a  long lineage of Shadowmen - mortals bound to violent voodoo spirits of  immense power - that could safeguard our world against incursions from  realms beyond.   For years, he struggled to control the loa's murderous  urges - a battle he eventually lost. But now, after years of  self-imposed exile, the man once known as Shadowman is returning home to  sharpen the weapon within…and unleash a reckoning on the evils of our  world that will soon send shockwaves through heaven and hell alike…   In  the epic tradition of X-O MANOWAR and BLOODSHOT REBORN, Shadowman  storms to the forefront of the Valiant Universe- more powerful, more  terrifying, and more relentless than ever before - in an  adrenaline-fueled ongoing series from superstar writer Andy Diggle  (Green Arrow: Year One, The Losers) and high-octane artist Stephen  Segovia (Action Comics)! 

The Walking Dead #165


When Alexandria is at its weakest... they strike. 

What an ending... what an ending... I'll leave it at that but giving this one 5 out of 5 DoJo kicks! Kirkman continues an amazing story with a huge cliffhanger at the end! 

Kirkman & Adlard

Venom #1 (2011)


 Published: March 09, 2011 your newest Hero! The lethal alien symbiote known as Venom is in the custody of the U.S. military...and with a familiar face from Spider-Man's world inside the suit, the government's own personal Spidey is going into action as one of the nation's top covert agents in hostile territory!

I took the time to read this again, it's been 6 years! It's still a great book, I like the story line and well... Venom is my go to when it comes to Marvel so I can get into a legless Flash T kickin it in the suit! What out for that old pumpkin head Jack! He'll burn you alive and leave your corpse with tasty treats! This book is getting 3.5 out of 5 DoJo kicks. I liked the story but it wasn't the greatest and while the cover art is amazing and the book had it's moments, I can't say i'm a huge fan of all the art.